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July 16th, 2010 • Posted by Lino Pertusini • Permalink

Lino Pertusini and the staff at the Osteria D Assisi thank you for your patronage. From our family to yours - Buon Appetito Assaggio, e Delizioso!

Feature wine at Osteria d' Assisi

Four Vines Winery 2008 "Naked" Chardonnay, Santa Barbara

Step away from the barrel! This Chardonnay was fermented in 100% stainless steel and has not seen any oak, nor does it want to. This is crisp, concentrated Chardonnay with all its natural acid. Naked exhibits apple, white peach, and pear, finishing long with hints of citrus and mineral. Eat oysters and drink "Naked" often!!

Benvenuti! Osteria D Assisi Bruschetta!

Bruschetta (Brew-Ske-Ta), from the Italian bruscare meaning "to roast over coals," is traditionally garlic bread made by rubbing slices of toasted bread with garlic cloves, then drizzling the bread with olive oil. The bread is salted, peppered and served warm. Bruschetta has been a staple of Italian fare for many years. What it has become in America though is quite a different story.

Osteria D Assisi Bruschetta

12 Slices Osteria D Assisi Italian Bread inch thick

cup Osteria D Assisi Super Tuscan Extra Virgin olive oil

2 medium well riped organic tomatoes chopped (1 cup)

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil leaves

teaspoon salt

teaspoon pepper

Place bread slices on a charcoal grill. Drizzle 1 teaspoon olive oil on each slice of bread. Grill until golden brown. While bread is toasting mix remaining ingredients. Spoon tomato mixture onto bread slices. Serve at room temperature.

Lake Como Food and Drinks

The taste of Lake Como in Santa Fe New Mexico is at Osteria d Assisi Restaurant. Your host, Lino Pertusini, is from Lake Como. For generations the Pertusini family has been associated with the finest restaurants and grand hotels. Mr Pertusini, along with his professional staff takes pride in their world class service and authentic Italian Cuisine.

A Journey through the Very Best of Italian Cuisine

Many visitors return from their vacations with wonderful memories of the great food that they tasted during their trip in Lake Como. There are many popular dishes native to the Lake Como area, and often you'll discover that the ingredients were grown locally, or even in their neighbor's backyard! We'll also share with you the unique customs shared by local Italians when it comes to eating and drinking so that you don't miss out on everything it can offer you. Eating and drinking is like a form of art in Lake Como!

Lake Como Food

It's the ingredients that make Italian food so special. Imagine the smell of your average Lake Como kitchen covered with fresh basil, oregano, garlic, organic tomatoes, home-made pasta and fish just caught from the lake. Each town has their own little recipe and secret about the best way to grill their freshwater fish. Lake Como has 5 different types of fish to choose from, the most popular being Lavarello. Aside from the hundreds of types of pastas and pizzas, you are bound to run across polenta, which is a type of cornmeal and mataloc, a dome-shaped sponge cake - both native to this area.

Wine Tasting

Although not as famous as their Tuscan neighbors in the south, Northern Italy produces some excellent wines particularly in the Valtellina valley, a vast landscape just north-east of Lake Como, bordering Switzerland. Wine aficionados can prepare to go on spectacular wine-tasting tours in this valley in the Alps which boasts a warm and dry micro-climate, ideal for harvesting grapes. Experience the fabulous cuisine, culture, and old world charm of Lake Como Italy in a lakeside Villa. Weekly monthly rentals available. Visit www.Lakecomovilla.com for additional information and rental details.

Highlight on St. Elizabeth Shelter

St. Elizabeth Shelter was founded in 1986 and, even today, remains the only year-round homeless shelter in all of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Last year was its busiest ever with the shelter assisting more than 3,200 homeless men, women and children, providing more than 40,000 bed nights of shelter and serving nearly 50,000 meals all-time records in all three categories. And as the recession continues without significant abatement, these record numbers unfortunately seem to be the new norm. Besides providing emergency food and shelter, St. Elizabeth helps homeless individuals address pressing healthcare issues, find employment, obtain benefits and locate permanent housing. It accomplishes this through intensive case management, counseling and a wide range of programs including:

A 30-bed emergency shelter for men;

A new dedicated emergency shelter for women, children and families, Casa Familia, that opened in November 2009 and can house up to 40 people; Three separate transitional housing programs with a full range of supportive services: 8 apartments for homeless families with children;

8 apartments for homeless seniors;

28 apartments for homeless individuals with disabilities;

A Resource Center open two days a week (Mondays and Fridays) that offers free meals, clothing, supplies, case management, phone and mail service for the chronic homeless;

Hosting the City of Santa Fes Homeless Court every month.

More than just providing a safe and secure place to spend the night, St. Elizabeth offers hope and a successful 24-year track record in helping people to put their lives back in order by quickly moving them into transitional and permanent housing.

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Anonymous says:
February 2, 2012 at 3:59 PM
@Metal666guitar1 Ne kummatkin tehdään espanjassa derbin tehtaalla mutta gilera on italialainen merkki. Sama asia kuin nokia on suomalainen merkki mutta osat tehdään kiinassa.
Terence M. says:
September 29, 2012 at 9:54 AM
As a long term resident of Santa Fe I used to value your restaurant for atmosphere and good food. But last night my reservation was acknowledged but ignored. Your maitress d' was overworked and unhelpful and your food was almost tasteless. My mistake. next time I will pick somewhere else likely to handle crowds better and opt for a restaurant with tastier food. Our city has many. The only consolation was a pleasant and helpful waitress but that is not enough to bring us back nor to ever recommend your dining experience again. Terry Moyes
Anonymous says:
September 30, 2012 at 8:40 PM
Will you be having wine tasting sessions this Autumn/Winter?? When, where and who? Thanks.

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